Rain cover for Monaco Corner Sofa

Rain cover for Monaco Corner Sofa

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  • Fitted L-shaped Rain Cover for the Corner Sofa
  • Separate Rain Cover for Rising Dining Table / static Dining Table
  • Lightweight Strong Breathable Material
  • Lengthen the Life of your Garden Set

These fitted rain covers will fit the Monaco Corner Sofa with the Rising Table as well as the static Dining Table. This is a great way to protect your cushions from summer showers.

Each set comes with 2 covers to individually cover the corner sofa and the dining table. Over winter, the stools fit neatly on their side on each of the sofa sections underneath the covers.

There are drawstrings to tighten the fabric around the bottom if needed. 

The covers are made of a lightweight but strong breathable material.

These covers will lengthen the life of your garden set by protecting it over the winter against the elements.

Please note that it is not advisable to leave the cushions on the sofa for a long period of time, when covering with the rain cover. This can lead to mould on the cushions. Also make sure that the fabric doesn't touch the cushions when wet, as the water can go though the breathable fabric if there is contact for a longer period of time. In winter time store the cushions somewhere dry.

Although the fabric is strong, if extreme wind is blowing down trees it can also damage the covers. We cannot take responsibility for extreme force of nature.

The rain covers will bleach over time in the sunlight.